June 25th, 7:00 am Start

Here is my submission for a fun event for the Olympiad. Feel free to offer additions and if we can’t figure out how to make an Oklahoma Drill while smoking meth an actual event, I humbly submit that this could be the single event of the games. GPS DEVISE REQUIRED like a phone with STRAVA to qualify event completion. Not that anyone would shortcut the course, just saying… I will set up some markers to keep everyone on course.

Basic Duathlon with a ride, most likely need a mountain bike and a trail run. 21.5 total miles. Click the links below for a draft map of the segments.

Ride is about 6 miles of single track and gravel, the rest is road.

Ride Map

Run is mainly dirt path with a few obstacles and a sand bag carry.

Run Map

Drinks and food at Jack’s after the event, compliments of the last place finisher and anyone that pukes.