Candelas Patio Homes Governing Documents

The following are the documents for your association.

Articles of Incorporation
Declaration of Covenants
Collection Policy
Enforcement Policy
Rules and Regulations
Owner vs HOA Maintenance Responsibility

Design Review for External Improvements

All exterior changes or improvements, like landscape and fencing, requires prior written approval from the HOA before installation. A gate is required in any side lot fencing so landscape maintenance contractors can move from lot to lot. Please see “CPH HOA Fence Spec” document below or under “Architectural Control” in the shared documents area. Approval is also required by the Cimarron Metropolitan District. HOA submissions are free and homeowners can upload the same submittal prepared for District approval.

At this time, the HOA is mainly deferring to the District’s architectural restrictions. The main area of concern for the HOA is the ability of the landscape maintenance crews to easily move from lot to lot. All HOA approvals will be contingent on fencing meeting the HOA specification and improvements not impacting the “pass through” zone.

Candelas Patio HOA Design Review Request
CPH HOA Fence Specification
Cimarron Metropolitan District Design Guidelines