Cundall Farms Metropolitan District

Welcome. The community of Trailside is within the Cundall Farms Metropolitan District. All homeowners in Trailside are members of the Metro District and Trailside and the Metro District have the same boundaries. A Metro District is very similar to an HOA in that it manages certain aspects of the community and has a Board of Directors to govern District operations. The Trailside Patio Homes have an HOA to provide certain services on the homeowners lots like landscapping and snow removal. Patio homeowners within the Trailside Patio Homes HOA are also members of the Metro District. Stillwater manages the Cundall Farms Metro District. All questions regarding the Metro District are to be directed first to Stillwater.

The Cundall Farms Metropolitan District is a local governmental entity which is responsible for providing certain public infrastructure and facilities to the Trailside community. Metropolitan districts are permitted by Colorado state statute to finance community planning and certain critical infrastructure, including initial construction of streets and certain utilities, as well as amenities such as parks, trails, paths and greenbelts. Bonds are issued to finance the construction of infrastructure and amenities. Once the initial infrastructure has been completed, a metropolitan district will continue to exist for many years while the infrastructure bonds are being paid and retired. After initial infrastructure has been completed, metropolitan districts are also permitted by Colorado state statute to provide certain ongoing services to the community. The Cundall Farms Metropolitan District exists for such purposes beyond the repayment of the infrastructure bonds.