SCM Colorado

Our community development services are designed to assist in the creation of new community associations for quality builders and developers. We provide experienced pre-construction consulting for the establishment and configuration of the community association. We support the builder and developer in creating the community services and accurate build-out budgets to set the initial dues. Build-out budgets include the creation of the initial reserve plan to begin funding long term maintenance responsibilities and provide a template for annual reserve requirement review. We are involved in the governing document creation process with the consulting attorneys to ensure documents reflect the requirements of the new community.

We completely manage the association formation process so all documents are recorded in a timely manner and services are bid, contracted and initiated when they are needed within the community.

Association formation services include:

  • Build-out Budgets and Reserve Planning
  • HOA vs. Owner Maintenance Responsibility Detail
  • Services Definition, Bidding and Contract Administration
  • Review and Assistance in Development of Association Documents
  • Community Association Website
  • New Owner Packages
  • Complete Accounting Service
  • Owner and Board Orientation and Informational Meetings
  • Community Communications and Newsletters
  • Design Review Process and Approval
  • Annual Budgets
  • HOA  Administrative Services