Homeowners Association Management

SCM Snow Report

The SCM snow report gives homeowners a real-time update on accumulation and snow removal activities. When there is a storm, check the report for up-to-date information on when or if snow removal will begin. SCM actively manages snow removal activities and contractors and most of our management focus is on snow removal during a storm.

During a snow event, we have a few requests of owners. First, if snow removal is happening in your community and you see an area that has been missed, please CALL or email your community manager immediately so we can ideally address it while they are still on site. Community manager contact information is on your community webpage.

Second, snow removal is done in your community based on the policy your HOA Board has in place for snow removal. During snow removal is not the appropriate time to address questions about the policy or to ask when your specific home will be completed. Please let SCM focus on snow removal during a storm. Once the snow removal threshold is reached, SCM will update this webpage on snow removal activity in your community.

Current Snow Removal Activity Update – June 2017

We are done for the season! We would like to take this opportunity to thank our snow removal partners and all of their employees. There were some big, wet snow storms and we appreciate the effort it takes to remove snow from our communities. Thank you so much and have a wonderful summer!

General Snow Removal Policy

For communities where your HOA provides snow removal, removal is done when accumulation reaches the depth specified in your governing documents, typically 4″ on walking surfaces.  For communities with private roads plowed by the HOA, the depth required for removal is typically 6″. Please check your documents or contact your community manager (Remember that during a snow storm, community managers are working that storm, so please be patient as response times may be slower than usual) for details on snow removal in your community.

Snow removal shall begin as soon as possible AFTER the end of a storm but no later that 24 hours after the last snow fall. SCM, at the direction of the Board of Directors, will initiate snow removal.

For snow removal for the City of Arvada, please click here to go directly to the City of Arvada’s website.  There is a link on this page to their snow removal map.