Property Management Services

Welcome to your community webpage. This is where HOA information and documents are stored for easy access by homeowners.  There are a variety of resources available to you like the HOA governing documents, rules and regulations, financial reports, HOA meeting minutes, your community calendar and useful forms like the design review request. Please use the navigation bar on the right to select the information you require.

Other generic information is available from SCM like snow removal update, municipal links to find recorded documents for your specific home lot and frequently asked HOA questions. This generic information can be found under the “Resources” tab at the top of the page.

Your HOA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the homeowners. The Board is empowered by you and the governing documents to manage the business of the HOA. The Board has hired SCM to manage HOA operations at the direction of the Board. SCM is responsible for responding to the needs of the homeowners as they relate to the HOA, collecting dues, paying HOA bills, generating monthly financial statements and managing the service contracts to care for the HOA’s assets. You have an SCM community manager dedicated to your HOA. If you need to contact your community manager for any reason, please follow the “Contact” link to the right to get in touch with your community manager.